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History of MRF Tyres Company | Staring For Business

MRF Short term for Madras Rubber Factory. It was established by KM Mammen Mappillai in 1946. He started it in Tiruvottiyur, Chennai to make balloon toys. From 1952, this organization began fabricating string rubbers. Hence, it is one of the best businesses in the automobile sector. Car is one of the essential things for all people. Every member of the family is traveling in a car. And Tyres are the most important part of every car, without them, any vehicle has no value. Mostly all car tire life is 2-3 years. Hence, it is one of the best businesses in the automobile sector.

Market Opportunities for MRF Tires Franchisee | Staring For Business

MRF is one of the well-known brands of tires in India. While most of the vehicles rely on MRF the brand has made millions across India. As mentioned earlier, cars were considered as a thriving factor, have now become a necessity of life.

Another aspect that will be devoted to the success of a franchise is every man’s dream to own a car. With so much craze for buying cars, the scope of the tire business becomes inevitable. When it comes to tires, not all brands garner the great levels of trust that MRF has garnered over the decades.

In 1960, in the month of November, the company joined the Ohio-based company named Mansfield Tire & Rubber Company as a partner for tire manufacturing. On April 1, 1960, the MRF became a public establishment.

Finally, in 1967 the company became the first Indian rubber industry to export tires to the United States. Alongside tires, MRF is likewise referred to for assembling different items like cylinders, toys, transport lines, retreads, cricket embellishments, and mechanical paints and coatings. It is the first Indian company to cross the Rs 10 billion mark. Proper marketing and promotion strategies are something they did to reach this position. Presently, they are one of the greatest and notable brands in the country.


Documents needed for MRF Tyres Franchise Dealership Franchisee | Staring for Business

There are many personal documents you need to share to verify your identity, This helps you to get the business approval as fast as possible.

  • Identity proof:-Aadhaar, Pan, Voter Card  
  • Address Proof:-Ration Card, Electricity Bill
  • Bank Account With Passbook
  • Photograph Email ID, Phone Number,
  • Other Document  

Documents of Property Document also need to be checked and verified before getting the MRF Tyres Dealership;

  • Complete Property Document With Title & Address
  • Lease Agreement


MRF Tyres Dealership necessary a land Franchisee | Staring for Business

Land For MRF Tyres Dealership; To start an MRF Tyres Distributorship, you need a lot of space as you have to set up a shop or showroom and also need a godown to keep the stock. A super built-up area of ​​4000 sq ft is required. The area is required for the performance of different types of Tyres suing different vehicles and to build a stockpile of heavy products. Stocking heavy Tyres in one place on the ground floor is preferred which makes loading and unloading easier. MRF Tyres Dealership Office, Showroom, Parking Store, working area need separate space. Different areas will be required for all things

  • For Office =100 To 150 Square Feet
  • For Showroom =500 To 1000 Square Feet
  • For Parking =500 To 1000 Square Feet
  • For Store =200 To 500 Square Feet
  • For Working area =800 To 1500 Square Feet

Total Space required 3000 To 5000 Square Feet

Benefits of taking MRF Tyres Franchise | Staring for Business

Let’s look at some major benefits you will get by starting an MRF tyre business

  • MRF Tyres is a multinational industry in India. The company is well established and profitable. Being a seller of the organization can procure a base benefit of 3 lakhs each month relying upon the city or city. 
  • MRF is one of the well-known brands of Tyres in India. While most of the vehicles rely on MRF the brand has made millions across India. Be it the long life that its Tyres provide to its users or the directions they give to plying on roads that are in affected conditions, MRF is the unstoppable leader on Indian roads. 
  • MRF Tire Company manufactures a wide variety of products. It manufactures Tyres for all from small vehicles to large vehicles and gives different margins on all, for more information you can talk to the company directly. 

Now let’s know about some basic things to open a tire store in India.

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